5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Wedding Video

Weddings are expensive and we always want to make savings so invariably one of the things that come up on the chopping block is Wedding Videos. I mean you already have the wedding photos, why do you even need the wedding video. I mean isn’t is like the same thing?

Well, we say no it isn’t. There are many reasons why you should have a wedding video, but here are what we think are the top 5 reasons why you should have a wedding video.

1) Wedding Videos allow you to Experience Everything 

Your wedding will be such a big event. There’s so much going on. And you want to see everything. But you can’t. You won’t be able to catch everything. Not when there’s so much to do. You’re going to miss things. But with the wedding video, you can catch those small special moments.You can also experience the wedding from other people’s perspective. And not just from the point of view of the person you’re marrying. You can see the wedding from the perspective of you’re parents when the laugh and cry at your speech. The reaction of your guests as you walk down the aisle. And the fun time your grandparents are having on the dance floor.

Your guests can also leave special messages and well wishes. And some other little surprises. Who knows. Well, you’ll find out when you see your wedding video.

2) Wedding Videos Last Forever! 

You plan this day for months. Years even. Really you’ve been planning this day for your whole life. And it’s only one day. One day where there is so much going on. And the day is over so fast. The day can be so overwhelming. You can miss out so much. What a pity it would be to have put so much effort, time and money into this one day, and have no way to relive it. No way to experience it over and over again.

Well with a wedding video, you can. You can get your money’s worth for all the time and effort you put into your wedding video

3) Share your wedding day with a Wedding Videos!

Not everyone can make your wedding. Relatives and friends who live in far away countries. Friends who can’t take time off. Or you’re on a budget and can only invite a certain amount of guests. Or perhaps you’re having a destination wedding, and not everyone can take time off to come to your wedding.

Well with a wedding highlight video everyone can experience your wedding as though they were there. Not only can they see what happened, but they can experience the emotions of being there as well. And guests who were at the wedding can experience the event from your perspective at the wedding altar and the moments they weren’t there for like the bride and groom preparations.

A wedding highlight video is easily shareable on social media like Facebook and Instagram, so need to worry about how to show the video to your far-flung loved ones.

4) Have a Wedding Video with Family and Friends

Weddings are one of the few times when your whole family will be together. Friends and family might travel from all over the world for your wedding. They might be loved ones that you haven’t seen for many years, and may not see again for many years.

Indeed this may be one of the last events in your life where all your family and friends come together to celebrate. It’s a sad thing to think about, but for some of your older relatives and friends might not be around in a few years. A wedding video is a great way to remember your loved ones, long after they pass.

But it’s not just for yourself, but for your children, and any of the generation to come. Sure, they might not want to see it when they’re young, but when they grow up, it will be all different. They can see the day when their parents got married. But they can also see how important those dearly departed family members were too your life. A treasured memory to pass down.

And those are our top 4 reasons why you should have a wedding video. If you want to see more videos, then see a selection of our videos here. If you want to find out more information than visit our website at www.thezweddings.com.au and contact us today!

Anastasia & Simon

Screenshot of thezweddings.pic-time.com

No matter how much effort I put into my work, I find that the one element that is essential to making standout wedding videos and wedding photos is the couple. A great personality makes for great video and photos. So that’s why I knew that from the moment I had my first consultation with Anastasia and Simon, I had to shoot their wedding.

Anastasia and Simon are a match made in heaven. Anastasia is such a warm and generous person, and Simon has such great dry humour that does nothing to hide the fact that he can’t help but be a very thoughtful and caring person who always puts others ahead of himself. They’re like marshmallow and hot chocolate, like cheese and wine. You know they were made to be together.

Congratulations to Anastasia and Simon. We wish them all the best in their married life ahead. And thank you for choosing Thez Weddings

Ceremony: St Finbar’s Catholic Church
Photoshoot: Carss Park
Reception: Conca D’oro
Makeup: Ioulia Makeup Artist & Hair
Flowers: Waratah Florist
MC: Con Sikallos
Cars: Muscle Car Warehouse

Catherine & Marvin

Screenshot of thezweddings.pic-time.com

Catherine and Marvin were actually from Queensland, but you wouldn’t know it from how many of their friends and family turned up for their wedding. This was such a fun and energetic wedding to shoot. There was so much dancing, that I didn’t have to work out for the rest of the week.

Not everything had gone to plan. The bad weather meant we had to be indoors for the wedding ceremony. But their choice of back up location was amazing. It was so unique to have a ceremony in a cinema. And you know, Catherine and Marvin are like a great Rom-Com. They’re such a fun-loving couple and you can’t help but cheer when they kiss.

Congratulations to Catherine and Marvin. We wish them all the best in their married life ahead. And thank you for choosing Thez Weddings

Location: Liverpool Catholic Club
Hair: Pindbyks
Make-up: Alissa’s Bakery

Khadija & Michael

Screenshot of thezweddings.pic-time.com

For those of you that love a small, relaxed and intimate weddings, then Khadija and Michael’s Wedding is the must-have inspiration for you.

For Khadija and Michael, their big day wasn’t just about them. They wanted their wedding videos and photos to also be about their close family and friends coming from all over the world to this small South Coast town of Callala Beach to have a good time. And I know they succeeded because I got to say, I had a blast. They even had a magic show at their reception. But I think the most magical part of the day was their love for each other because without that none of this would have been possible.

Congratulations to Khadija and Michael. We wish them all the best in their married life ahead. And thank you for choosing Thez Weddings

Location: Callala Beach Community Hall
Florals & Design: Wedding Event Creators
Celebrant: Todd Mayhew Celebrant
Music: Oberon Lane
Magician: Dare 2 Trick
Catering: South Coast Catering
Bartending: Nomad Bar Tending
Gelato: Merciers Gelato

Marelda & Behzad

This was my first time doing wedding videography at a Baháʼí wedding ceremony. As I found out, unlike other wedding ceremonies where there is a celebrant, in this one the couple marry themselves. What a great tradition. It’s always an honour to be a witness these unique ceremonies.

And what a great location is the Highline Venue. I wasn’t sure about having a whole wedding day take place on one floor of a tower, but this venue is quite spectacular and glamourous and so convenient too. It gives such a regalness to their wedding video. I can’t wait to go again.

Congratulations to Marelda and Behzad. We wish them all the best in their married life ahead. And thank you for choosing Thez Weddings

Venue: The HIGHLINE Venue
Photography: Mary Faith Photography
Hair and Make Up: Face by Faharia
DJ: Moby Disc
Fireworks: Sydney Fireworks & Pyrotechnics

Sun & Josh

Screenshot of thezweddings.pic-time.com

When I told a few of my colleagues that I would be shooting a wedding in Broadmeadow, in Sydney, they were quite surprised. What’s there in Broadsmeadow? Isn’t it just a nothing suburb filled mostly with warehouses that’s dead outside the hours the 9 to 5 weekday? Well, that’s not true, because what’s there is the fantastic Will & Mikes Cafe in Broadmeadows. It is a great hidden gem run by the friendly and amicable hosts, Will and Mike. It may seem small but we were able to get a lot of variety in the shots.

But of course the biggest gem of the night with Sun and Josh. Such a warm and loving couple, they really made us feel like we were a part of their wedding.

Congratulations to Sun and Josh. We wish them all the best in their married life ahead. And thank you for choosing Thez Weddings

Venue: Will & Mikes

Welcome 2020!

Wow, how does the time fly. I can’t believe it’s already a new decade!

2019 has been so unreal for us. We have made so many amazing memories, with so many amazing people along the way. This is why I love my job as a wedding photographer and videographer.

I’m truly grateful for every experience, and cannot wait to continue this journey next year with you all. Here are some of our favourite memories from 2019, let us know yours!

A big congratulations to every single couple in 2019. We wish them all the best in their married life ahead. And thank you for choosing Thez Weddings

Renae & Hanna

Screenshot of thezweddings.pic-time.com

When you’re doing candid and natural wedding videography and wedding photography it’s important that your wedding photos and wedding videos match the personality of the couple. You don’t want to make it artificial and stage, you want them to be their natural self, because not only does it make it easier to shoot them, but it’s what our couples are looking for and love. Which is why I really jumped at the chance to shoot Renae and Hanna wedding. They are such a funny and energetic couple and they had such a fun wedding. It’s a long drive up to the Hunter Valley for a wedding, but it was well worth it. It just makes for some spectacular wedding videos and wedding photos.

Congratulations to Renae and Hanna. We wish them all the best in their married life ahead. And thank you for choosing Thez Weddings

Venue: Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley
Celebrant/MC: Johan the Celebrant
DJ/Drumming: The A Team entertainment

Kathryn & Nick

There are not that many people who get the chance to marry their childhood crush. Especially when her mum is his high school English teacher. But that’s how lucky Kathryn and Nick are. Katheryn’s mum even helped sow the perfect wedding dress for her daughter, so you know Nick must have been a very good student.

We had such a blast at their wedding video. Having live music at your wedding reception can be quite costly, but if you can get it, then definitely get it. A great band brings so much energy to the dance floor. Your wedding guests just can’t resist to dance. It was really such a great party and you can see it in their wedding video.

This is another wedding that we worked together with James Thomson Photography. A marvellous photographer and all-around great guy. Make sure to check out his website I’ve linked below.

Congratulations to Kathryn and Nick. We wish them all the best in their married life ahead. And thank you for choosing Thez Weddings

Ceremony: St Vincent’s College, Potts Point
Locations Shoot: Mckell Park, Darling Point
Reception: Zest Waterfront Venues
Photographer: James Thomson Photography
Makeup: Jasmineab Makeup
Hair: Nourish Me Beautiful
Flowers: The Flower Possè
Bridal dress: Rosa Clará

Aleksandra & George

While I’m not always originally contacted by the bride and groom, when it comes to wedding photography and wedding videography, I always want to be in contact with the bride and groom in some way before the wedding day. Because at the end of the day, it’s their wedding video and wedding photos that they will have for the rest of their lives, and I want to make sure it’s exactly the way they want it.

So when I was first contacted by Aleksandra’s mum with an unusual request, I wasn’t sure if I should say yes. You see, she and Aleksandra’s fiance George wanted to get a surprise present for Aleksandra and what a better surprise than a highlight video of their wedding day! But after listening to how enthusiastic and loving Aleksandra’s mum was I couldn’t say no. And no wonder they wanted to get her a surprise. Alexandra is such a gift.

The whole wedding day was planned perfectly. The surprise couldn’t have been better pulled off. However, things that are perfectly planned don’t always go to plan. It was so windy on the day that we had a lot of difficulties flying our drone and during the photoshoot, dirt was flying into my eyes. I had to borrow the groom’s sunnies at one point just to get the shot. But you wouldn’t notice it in the video. Not from my talent, but from how the couple just took the whole day in stride. All that mattered was their love. And at least the wind did make for some amazing veil shots.

Congratulations to Aleksandra and George. We wish them all the best in their married life ahead. And thank you for choosing Thez Weddings

Venue: Conca D’oro
MC: Con Sikallos