Fergus and Elvira

They may have come from opposite sides of a vast continent, Fergus from Ireland and Elvira from the Philippines, but these two could be no more a like. They are a match made in heaven. They share each other’s dark sarcastic sense of humour and a close connection with their … Read the rest

Eloine and Daniel

Here’s a flash back to one of our earlier wedding videos, back in April of 2018. I was reminded of this wedding video recently, after Eloine contacted me wondering if I still had a spare copy of their video. It was great to hear that they still loved the video. … Read the rest

Jessica and Daniel

Have you ever met two people who you knew instantly are meant to be together? Who can make each other laugh so easily. This was the case when I first met Jessica and Daniel. They are just so in touch with each other.

It was then that I knew we … Read the rest

Thimira and Tharanga

Thirmira & Tharanga are such a cool and fresh couple and you can just see their style in their wedding video. They approached us knowing exactly what they wanted. They didn’t just want traditional wedding video, they wanted one that represented themselves as a couple. Not just emotional, but fun, … Read the rest

Kahla and Troy

Khala and Troy had already been committed to each other for many years, having already started a family together with three kids. For them, this day was a celebration with their close family and friends of their continuing commitment as a couple. Even though they were still young, it was … Read the rest

Richard and Carolina

As filmmakers, when we’re shooting a wedding, whether it be photos or videos, we don’t want to just document your day. We want to capture the emotion, the atmosphere and the meaning of your story. We use our talents as filmmakers to create cinematic wedding videos and photos

Like us, … Read the rest

Jocelyn and Jason Wedding Video

When you have family and friends spread across many continents and countries, it can be hard to get everyone all in one place to celebrate your special day. And you never know what last-minute emergencies might come up that prevent your closest friends and family from being able to make … Read the rest

Tino and Tina

From when I first met them, I could see the Tina and Tino were a special couple. We were so glad that we were able to create a wedding video for them. We weren’t just filming a wedding video for them, they made us feel like we were part of … Read the rest